You have embarked upon a journey for 10 months to a year and undertaken a commitment that will change your life.

Katriese, Ohio to Mexico

Katriese, Ohio to Mexico

Our Mission is your journey

The long-term Rotary Youth Exchange program provides a special study-abroad opportunity for you to discover yourself in a new culture. You will learn a new language, discover different ways of doing things, and be exposed to new ways of learning. You will meet new life-long friends from places you never knew existed.

You will be able to call new parents as "mom" or "dad" -- and mean it in a very special way.

Your hosting Rotarians will share the ways they have become successful: their various career paths, their endless service to others, their quest for international goodwill.

As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you have the unique opportunity to experience a year of discernment, a chance to determine why you are on this earth and what you will do with your life, and time to realize that you are here to make a difference.

For you to enter your host country and live there for a year in Rotary Youth Exchange, your stay must be legally documented by your host country government. That requires specific documents and procedures for your situation. This is where the team at IYWT will help you.

Rotary Youth Exchange is the hardest work you will ever love –
and the work starts now!
Ian, Oregon to Chile

Ian, Oregon to Chile

LET'S get started!

  • Registration: We have to know who you are, how to reach you and your family, what Rotary organizations are organizing your exchange, where you are going abroad, and when Rotary expects you to travel. New Student Portal.

  • Passport: You must have a valid passport to travel internationally, and at least one of your legal guardians should have one as well. Don't have a passport? Apply NOW!  

  • Host Country Permission: Based on where you live, where you are going, how old you are, and many other factors, your Host Country will have requirements for documents (and sometimes personal visits, health exams, biometrics and more).

  • Itinerary: Rotary Youth Exchange, host governments and international treaties all have special requirements to protect you during your travel. On top of those, the airlines (and trains, ferries and bus systems) have their own rules.

  • IYWT Message Board: We maintain a personal Message Board where you, your family, your Rotarians, and your IYWT team can keep in touch, and also store electronic copies of all your vital documents. 

Don't worry! It's Your World - Travel agents will coach you through the preparations of all these things -- step-by-step. We will nag you to get things done, we will give you advice about safe travel, and we will alert you to any changes and challenges we learn about during your year abroad. 

Rebecca, North Carolina to Finland

Rebecca, North Carolina to Finland