The IYWT Team



In 1969, after serving in Vietnam, Ed went to work for the airlines, where he worked in both LAX and SFO and eventually became the Station Manager in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Then after a bout of quadriplegia, (Gullian-Barre syndrome) he came to It’s Your World—Travel in 1980.  In 1984, Ed purchased IYWT from the previous owners, with the intention of making this agency a reliable resource agency for volunteer Rotary Youth Exchange committees.  In 2001, Ed began the ‘on line’ version of the agency for 24/7 access by students/parents and Rotarians.  So, for 37 years, Ed has been increasing the size of his family with every new student and Rotarian. 

Countries: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Zambia, & Zimbabwe

Contact info: - 206-242-1969

Charles "Charlie" KoCher - Office manager

Charlie has been involved in Rotary Youth Exchange since he first joined Rotary in 1980.  But his experience with youth exchange goes back even further -- to the 1960s when his parents started hosting foreign students.  Over the years, Charlie has been host brother, host dad many times over, anxious father when his own children went on exchange, student counselor, youth exchange chair, and board member of support programs both in the Pacific Northwest and across North America.  Like so many who are involved in youth exchange, Charlie hopes that his involvement is creating peace -- one teenager at a time.

Countries: Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, India,

Mexico, Peru, Slovak Republic, & Turkey  

Contact info: - 206-328-0625

Ashley "Andrea" Novosad - Exchange Coach


Andrea joined the IYWT team in 2015, after serving in the Peace Corps as a Community Health Facilitator in the beautiful country of Paraguay. It was in Paraguay that she first had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Rotary through the Rotaract program. She hopes to see a shift in the world where every individual can experience international cultural exchange, "because we cultivate peace and harmony with all, during such an influential experience." There are few better opportunities than partnering with Rotary Youth Exchange to ensure each student’s exchange starts on the right foot, or at least the right flight. And since starting to work with Rotary Youth Exchange, she has joined the Rotary Club of Des Moines/Normandy Park.

Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Hungary, Iceland,
Italy, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Spain, & Sweden

Contact info: - 206-328-0628



Global connection was instilled into Shannon from a young age. As a military child, she traveled with her family to many places, including much of Europe. While living abroad, she even began preschool in an authentic German Kindergarten! Her love of travel and tourism was further cultivated while growing up in Alaska, and working there as a tour guide for several summers. Shannon went on to work at People to People Student Ambassador Programs. She has traveled extensively for recreation and business, while raising her children to be globally-minded citizens. By joining the IYWT Team and working with Rotary Youth Exchange, Shannon hopes to continue developing a legacy of exploring horizons and expanding potential.

Countries: Belgium, Bosnia, Chile, Ecuador, Finland, France,

Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, & Taiwan   

Contact info: - 206-747-3388 

Danielle macgregor- EXCHANGE COACH

danielle pic.jpg

Danielle was first exposed to Rotary Youth Exchange through her grandmother, a Rotarian who’s hosted several high school exchange students. She first experienced international travel for herself on a high school trip to France, and accordingly, decided to go on an exchange program to Southern France in college. Upon return, she worked in the study abroad office as a Peer Adviser, and more recently, spent 3 years teaching English in Thailand and Vietnam. Her experience living abroad and learning about new cultures has shaped her current way of life, and given her a new lens to see the world through. She believes these opportunities should be available to everyone, and are a gateway to a more open minded and understanding world. 

Countries: Japan, Switzerland, & Thailand   

Contact info: - 206-242-1969 





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