You have embarked upon a journey for 3 weeks to 3 months and undertaken a commitment that will change your life.

Quinn, Ontario to Poland

Quinn, Ontario to Poland

Our mission is your journey

The short-term Rotary Youth Exchange program provides a special opportunity for you to get a taste of a new culture. You will gain a sibling, discover different ways of doing things, and be exposed to new ways of learning. You will meet new lifelong friends from places you never knew existed.

Some Rotary Districts make all the contacts with both their counterpart Rotarians and the host family. Other Rotary Districts make your placement with their counterpart Rotarian in your host country only. In either case they will then provide you with information about how to contact the host family. Then the two families can start negotiating: who travels first, which airlines to use, what dates to travel.

Short-Term Exchange promotes family-to-family interaction
across cultural lines.
Jacklyn, California to Brazil

Jacklyn, California to Brazil

LET'S get started!

As with many things in life, there is a set order to making this all happen in an efficient manner. Be sure to read all the Short-Term Exchange details to learn the specifics.

  • Passport: You must have a passport to travel internationally that is valid for at least six months beyond your trip, and at least one of your legal guardians should have a passport as well. Don't have a passport? Apply NOW!  

  • Short-term Travel Form: Once communication between you and your host family has been established, you and your counterpart have obtained passports, a window of ideal travel dates along with departure and arrival airports -- then you may complete the "Short-term Travel form”. 

  • Legal Entry for Host Country: For most short-term exchanges the "visa waiver" program will be all you need to enter your Host Country. However, for Australia, Brazil and India US citizens will need to obtain a "tourist visa." IYWT will provide the instructions for the application and walk you through the process. 

  • Documentation: In most cases you will need two documents: A valid passport and a parent permission form. IYWT will provide the parent permission form for you to complete two weeks prior to your intended departure.

  • Scanning: Along with your "Short-term Travel form" you will send IYWT a scan of your valid passport. Then, via email, you will send your IYWT agent your parent permission form. 

  • Itinerary: To ensure a smooth and coordinated exchange, IYWT will help you and your counterpart arrange flights to travel together.   

  • Preparing for Travel: Be sure to share your travel itinerary with your Sponsoring Rotary Club Rotarians and Rotary in your Host Country.

Don't worry! It's Your World - Travel! agents will coach you through the preparations of all these things , step-by-step. We will nag you to get things done; we will give you advice about safe travel; and we will alert you to any changes and challenges we learn about during your time abroad. 

Aicha, Michigan to Japan

Aicha, Michigan to Japan