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Key Points

Before making any plans YOU MUST speak with your Host Family regarding DATES and WHO IS GOING FIRST!

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Short-Term Program - Steps To Success:


This program of Rotary Districts promotes family to family interaction across cultural lines. You will be going overseas and spending from 3 weeks to 2 months with one family. Then you will bring your host brother or sister back to your home for an equal amount of time.

Some Rotary Districts make all the contacts with both their counterpart Rotarians and the host family. Other Rotary Districts, make your placement with their counterpart Rotarian in your host country only. In either case they will then provide you with e-mail and/or phone information about the host family, and you and your parents then make contact directly with the family and start negotiating: who goes first, and which airlines to use, and just generally begin getting to know each other.

It's Your World - Travel! has had extensive experience with this program so here is information and procedures to help you.

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