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Key Points

Both families MUST be in agreement before any ticketing can be done.

Where possible you will travel together in one direction

IYWT will be glad to ticket the inbound student also

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Short-Term Program - Steps To Success:

Airline Tickets

When you have settled on dates for your exchange, then it is imperative that you contact us at It's Your World-Travel! We will need all three dates, (ie when you go there, when you come back, when your host brother/sister returns to their home). We will then prepare an itinerary for you showing all flights so that your counterpart can fly in one direction with you. We will also quote prices for you and your counterpart. It is not necessary that your counterpart purchase from It's Your World-Travel! They may purchase these flights locally in their country, but they will have the cost in their local currency so they can compare prices. Your counterpart may also send you itineraries of possible flight choices. It is extremely important that neither party purchase the airline tickets until we have had a chance to see if matching their suggestions would put your family at an untoward cost. So, if you receive any itineraries from your counterpart, forward them immediately to us at It's Your World-Travel! so we can advise you of the cost of their suggested itinerary. If one party purchases airline tickets without advising their counterpart, it may result in not flying in one direction together.

Your local Rotary District has probably decided you must or has strongly advised you to purchase your tickets from It's Your World-Travel! This is because of our exhaustive experience with the program, and the fact that Rotarians have my personal phone numbers, so that if problems arise enroute, we can be contacted to resolve the situation 24 hours a day.


Ed Piekarczyk, Manager
(Pacific Time Zone)
E-Mail: ed@IYWT.com

I have read all of the information on this page, and I am ready to proceed!

My family and I have been in contact with the host family overseas, and both families have agreed to departure dates and airports:

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IYWT Airline Ticket
IYWT Airline Ticket
IYWT Airline Ticket
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