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Key Points

Do NOT send your Return Date Request Form until you have Rotary Approval from your Host and Home Country.

Call your Airline and Reconfirm
and Baggage Allowance
at least 72 hours prior to departure!

Avoid Excess Baggage Charges, ship your excess belongings home throughout your exchange year!

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Return Information

Please read the following information very carefully, as it contains important information regarding your return travel arrangements. All reconfirmation procedures must be completed prior to departure from your Host Country.

You are currently holding a flexible return ticket.Your ticket is valid for one year from the date of your departure from North America - your departure date is in your online record. (Example: if you departed on 04Aug13, you must return by 03Aug14). There are no exceptions, your ticket may not be extended.

(Note: Any dates/flights you currently see in the airline computer system ARE NOT YOUR RETURN DATES or FLIGHTS. That information is only there to hold your ticketing data with the airlines. After we issue your ticket from the Return Date Request Form, the airline computer system will be correct).

You must also check the validity of your visa. If you have questions about the validity of your visa, contact the local authorities in your Host Country. It is your responsibility to depart your host country before the expiration of your visa.

Your student holds a flexible return airline ticket, with the privileges of an OPEN return, from their host country back to you.

YOU THE PARENT(s) must complete the Return Date Request Form located in your student's online record. This form is the only allowable way to close your student's return reservation. BE SURE, you have talked to your student BEFORE you sign and submit this form, verifying that your student has received all required approvals.

The earlier you submit this form, the more likely a seat will be available for the preferred return date and the sooner we can return the final ticketing arrangements to you and your student. We suggest completing this not later than 01March or the date specified by your IYWT agent.

Once completed and you hit the Submit button, an acknowledgement e-mail, with preferred return date and the window, will be sent to you, your student and the sponsoring Rotary district in North America.

IYWT will allow 72 hours from receipt to allow your Rotarians to either approve or reject the return date preferences. There is NO CHARGE for this first submission, however, once submitted and your finalized return appears online, there will be a minimum $250.00 charge for subsequent changes.

IT'S YOUR WORLD TRAVEL DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR RETURN DATE -- YOU THE STUDENT AND ROTARY DO as you made a commitment before departure as to your sending/hosting district's program length.

Your ticket is valid for 364 days in your host country, however, CHECK your VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT EXPIRATION DATE as this may be for a shorter period and you must depart the country prior to the expiration of your Visa/Residence Permit.

Your parents will be contacting you so they can complete the Return Date Request Form.


Please be sure that ALL PARTIES below have given approval for your intended return date:

  • Host Families
  • Host Rotary Club
  • Host Rotary District
  • Host School
  • Your North American Rotary District
  • There is NO CHARGE for this first submission.

    If you do not confer with your hosting and sponsoring Rotarians and your natural parents and host families, and your school and just give your parents an arbitrary date, it may result in a minimum $250.00 change fee.

    The earlier you advise your parents, the more likely a seat will be available for your preferred date.



    All changes to your ticket must be made by your travel agent at It's Your World Travel!

    Any changes to the return date after submission of the first Return Date Request form will result in a minimum $250.00 fee. If you do need to make a change, simply repeat the process above, ie get approvals in your Host Country and from Rotary here in North America, then notify your parents and they can use the RETURN DATE REQUEST FORM to advise us of the changed dates and make payment.

    The Return Date Request form is required for any and all date changes.

    Changes are not allowed to be made overseas directly with the airlines by the student or parents without prior approval from Rotary and there may be additional charges

    Airlines frequently change their flight schedules and they do not always report them to us.

    Therefore, after you have received IYWT's online confirmation of your actual return date/flights, call the airline or go online to the airline computer system www.iywt.com/airlineinfo:

  • Choose your seats
  • Determine baggage limitations
  • Provide a local contact in your Host Country
  • 'set an e-mail alert'. This is a free feature from the airlines to keep you advised of any schedule/flight number changes to your return reservations.
  • If you choose not to 'set the alert', you will have to contact the airline about once a month, then 72 hours and 24 hours before your return to be advised of any schedule changes.

    If the airline does change their schedule, there is no charge to you, but you may have to check in earlier to have your return ticket reissued.


    Some hosting countries may have exit documentation procedures. In order for you to know if this applies in your case, you must contact your host government at least 3 months prior to your departure. In some cases you may be required to meet certain exit requirements. If exit documents are required for your country this process can be time-consuming, and you may not be able to leave that country without doing this, so start early. Your host Rotary Club can help you with these procedures. Certain fees and taxes may be collected at the airport.

    Free Baggage Allowance: Your airline ticket is a contract. This means you have a contract that preserves the baggage allowance that was used on your Outbound Journey. Therefore, when you check-in for your return flights, you will be able to bring back the same amount as you took. However, some airlines may say they allow only 44 pounds for a particular flight, but if you say you are connecting with an international ticket, this should be waived. Additionally, the airlines are beginning to impose a fee for the actual check-in which may be waived or lessened if you do the baggage check-in on-line.

    Excess Baggage: If you paid excess baggage charges on the Outbound, then of course, you will have to pay the new excess baggage charges for your return. The excess baggage fee is subject to change and is not protected by your airline ticket contract. And you may have to pay any added 'check-in fee', if you wait to do this at the airport. This can be extremely expensive, so your alternative is to call early, determine approximate costs, then search out other methods: air freight, surface freight, postal service. You should be sending all excess baggage home every few months to avoid excess baggage charges at the airport! Any excess baggage charge is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Rotarians and host families though generous, DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS to cover baggage charges!

    Check your luggage through to your final destination. You will be required to pick up your luggage to go through customs, but it will be much easier to re-check after customs, if you have checked it through to your final destination. . If you have a forced overnight, check your bags only that far and recheck them the next day.

    KNOW BEFORE YOUR CHECK-IN! Make sure you know what to pack, what to carry, so before going to the airport. Go to www.tsa.gov on-line to know the latest security requirements, or ask the airlines, as restrictions may vary over time.

    As of the date of this booking, all forced overnights were unavoidable due to airline schedules; have your parents check with us a few months prior to your return for improved scheduling. If you must stay overnight en-route, contact your hosting Rotarians, they may have responsible Rotarians in the overnighting city that can host you for the night OR ask your parents to call us at It's Your World, Travel! to book you a room at an airport hotel. This cost is not included, so be prepared to send the hotel a one night's deposit if required, or pay for the hotel room upon arrival. Most airport hotels offer free transfers to and from the hotel, and most have free phones from the baggage claim area to call for an airport pickup.


    You will have to go through customs and immigration at the first arrival airport in your home country. Canadian citizens are allowed to return with CAD $750 duty-free, US citizens are allowed USD $800 duty-free. Duty Tax is payable on purchases or gifts received over those amounts. The above amounts were correct at the time this was sent, it is a good idea to double check, as the Duty Free amount may change. Forms will be given to you on the airplane. List everything, as the customs folks are quite fair and smart!

    Finally, if you have followed all the information above including reconfirmation; then, on your day of departure, check-in at the time you were instructed or earlier. You should be carrying your passport, any exit documents if required and a copy of your itinerary with confirmation.

    HAVE A GREAT TRIP HOME AND REMEMBER "IT'S YOUR WORLD" and you have just made a small but important difference to peace, understanding and goodwill!

    IYWT Return Information

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