Congratulations Parents and family!

Over the next year you will have the opportunity to watch your student grow tremendously! Although they will be going off on exchange, they will still need your support and encouragement throughout. 

In order to make the process of obtaining legal entry easier for you and your student, we have gathered a few notes on details you should keep in mind. 

Sierra, California to Belgium

Sierra, California to Belgium

Form of Photo identification:

Verify that all forms of photo identification such as State Identification, Driver's License, and Passport, reflect your current information.



If you do not have a passport, we recommend that at least one legal guardian obtain one before your student goes on exchange. If you have a passport it must be valid until January 2019. 

USA link: 

Canadian link:


parent and guardian instructions: 

Aicha, Michigan to Japan

Aicha, Michigan to Japan

Students under 18 will need to show legal record of their birth parents, who are presumed to still have legal parental control. Any changes through death, divorce, adoption or other court actions will require legal documentation. 



Over the years IYWT has developed and maintained relationships with the consulates. To avoid any confusion, please refrain from contacting the consulates independently -- unless you receive specific instruction from IYWT.



Your Rotary contact will inform you of the insurance details. Rotary handles all issues of health insurance and travel insurance.



USA: For advice from the Centers for Disease Control, go to

Canada: For advice from the Public Health Agency of Canada, go to

Any requirements for Rotary Youth Exchange students will come from three sources: 

1) Host Country Entry requirements, and IYWT will tell you about these;

2) Rotary requirements, usually from the Host Rotary District, and;

3) Host School requirements, which will come from the Host Rotary Club.


Airport Gate Passes:

This permission to go with your student to the departure gate depends on many, many factors. Check with the airline of your student's first flight for their rules and possible fees.


Special air travel needs:

When your student confirms their ticket online with the airlines in their itinerary, your student chooses seats, select special dietary needs, and list any physical limitations.  Some of those things involve extra fees that are the responsibility of the family. Travel hint: Some of those seats show up at no cost closer to departure.

Christopher, Calfornia to Sweden

Christopher, Calfornia to Sweden


Travel interruptions:

Flights may be delayed, canceled or re-routed for many reasons, and every reason has a different solution.  When that happens, your student should go quickly to the nearest airline customer service desk for assistance and instructions.  As soon as possible, they should share those instructions with you, with Rotary, and with It's Your World Travel.  In general, when the interruption is an airline problem, the airline will re-book travel as soon as possible and at no additional charge.  


Safety and Emergency procedures:

Whenever possible, IYWT books outbound students in groups of two or more so they can assist each other. Students should also wear their RYE blazers for easy identification and assistance during travel.  During travel, they should stay within the secure airport areas, and seek assistance from airline, airport or public safety officials. Once your student arrives in country, they must follow their Host Rotary Districts safety and emergency procedures. 


Traveler Checklists:





We recommend using this link to obtain the correct time zones and calling codes: