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Airline tickets CANNOT BE ISSUED until all of your paperwork for your Visa has been received from you and Rotary!

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Airline Ticket

Rotary Ticket Rules

All students must have an open-ended round trip ticket, which is valid for one year from the first date of travel.

All students must travel directly to the hosting country with no visitation stops en route.

All students must travel on a confirmed basis...absolutely no standby type tickets are allowed.

Wholesalers and consolidators may not be used for purchasing tickets.

We can not issue tickets with frequent flyer miles.

IYWT Tickets

  • Group Travel
  • Valid for up to one year
  • Flexible return date

It is our goal to find the least expensive fare with the easiest itinerary, while keeping the above rules in mind. We negotiate with the airlines to provide an airline ticket that is valid for up to one year of stay. These fares are great values and usually allow you to travel to your host country with other students going on exchange as well. We try to coordinate the travel of as many students as possible, not only for greater cost savings, but also for the sake of the students who may be on their first long distance trip. It's more fun to travel with others and usually its cheaper too! Set group departures allow for your hosting Rotarians to know the exact date when all students are arriving, so no student is unmet at their final destination airport.

Connection Times

You may have a long connection time of 3 to 5 hours in your flight itinerary. Why? In the past, many students have missed their international group flight due to short connection times, weather, mechanical problems, traffic delays, etc. We usually try to allow for a backup flight and extra connection time for these reasons.

Return Information

IYWT tickets are valid 365 days from the original date of travel. The return date is changeable, once, at no cost, based on availability, and for a fee anytime after that first free change.

After your departure, we will require you to follow the return date procedures in the Returning Students tab. A parent, not you, must submit your requested return date to us via the Return Date Request Form. Return date changes MUST be finalized by the end of February to ensure that you will have a seat for your return flights during the upcoming busy summer travel season.

IYWT Airline Ticket
IYWT Airline Ticket
IYWT Airline Ticket

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