"Blessed are the flexible

for they shall not be bent out of shape!"

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Key Points

Paperwork listed under 'Documents to be sent by Rotary' such as 'Host Guarantee Form' come from Rotary overseas.

Be Patient as they are being processed and sent back! They normally arrive between April and July.

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Long-Term Program - Steps To Success:

Host Guarantee Form

What is a Host Guarantee Form?

Many people are personally involved in your specific exchange. You have already met many of your Rotary volunteers here in North America. However, there are just as many people overseas working on your exchange as well (i.e. Hosting District Chairman, Hosting Rotary Club President, Youth Exchange Officers, Hosting School Officials, and YOUR host families).

ALL these people must review your application and agree to accept you. At that point, the blank Host Guarantee Form (the official acceptance form) is completed, signed and returned to your sponsoring District Chairman. When the completed form is returned, you are officially accepted as a Rotary Youth Exchange student.

You may, in the meantime, receive communication from your hosting family or chairman long before the official Host Guarantee Form comes back. Remember, however, that your acceptance is not certain until we receive this form.

While all the items above are taking place, IYWT presumes all is well and begins making your travel preparations. We will send you visa information and applications as well as confirmed itineraries. If you are accepted by a different country, we will simply transfer your personal information to the new country and begin again with the new visa information and applications.

Why does IYWT need this form?

Generally, we must have one original Host Guarantee Form (sometimes only a copy) in order to apply for your visa. Be sure to consult the Visa Requirements List in your visa packet for specifics concerning your destination.

Be Flexible!

The key phrase from now on is "BE FLEXIBLE." We will try to eliminate as many of the unknown elements to make your visa and travel experience as smooth as possible. Your flexibility is essential for your success as a Rotary Youth Exchange student.

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